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Abacate avocado
Abacaxi pineapple
Abaixar to lower, to turn down the volume
Abelha bee
Abraço hug
Abril April
Abrir to open
Acabar to finish
Aceitar accept
Acelerar to accelerate
Acertar to arrange; to guess correctly; to hit
Acessar to access
Acidente accident
Adeus goodbye, farewell
Adiar postpone
Adorar to love; to adore
Adulto adult
Agosto August
Ajuda help, assistance
Amor love
Amar to love
Água water
Alto high; loud
Amanhã tomorrow
Amarelo yellow
Amizade friendship
Animal animal
Ano year
Antes before
Antigo old; old-fashioned
Apaixonado in love
Aprender to learn
Aranha spider
Areia sand
Ar air
Arma weapon
Arriscar to take the risk; to risk
Arroz rice
Artesanato craftwork
Artista artist
Avião airplane
Azul blue