Articles – Artigos

Definite and Indefinite articles – Artigo Definido e Indefinido

Articles are small words that precede the substantive (a noun).

Definite article: used to indicate that a thing is unique in some way.


  • O carro – The car (O / the – refer to a specific car and not to any car)

Indefinite article: used to indicate that a thing is not identified as unique.


  • Um carro – A car (Um/ A – refer to any car)

In Portuguese the article must agree in gender and number with the noun, which means that the definite article o, for example, should precede a singular and masculine (as you could see in the first example – “o carro”). Observe the chart below:

Articles Definite – singular /plural The Indefinite – singular / pluralA / Some
Masculine O / Os Um / Uns
Feminine A / As Uma / Umas


  • o livro – the book / os livros – the books
  • um carro – a car / uns carros – some cars
  • a casa – the house / as casas – the houses
  • uma menina – a girl / umas meninas – some girls